Monday, September 22, 2008

Learn simple Italian language before going to Italy

If you are prepared to study or on holiday vacation in other countries it is wise to learn some simple language of others countries as it can add some advantage to us when dinning in a restaurant, shopping at road market or traveling in taxi to interesting and historic places. Italy is one of the best holiday destination if you planned to go for your honey tour or vacation or study in Italy.

Italy are famous for is food and many historic places. The people there are very friendly if you know how to speak their Italian language in Italy. The beaches are very clean and the water are very clear which you can spend your whole afternoon at the beach. Shopping are every where, along the roadside and in building. Drop in at the restaurant and have a nice cup of coffee along the busy foot way and watch the historic building.

If you planned to study in Italy and learn how to speak,read and write their language, Italy had many good college and university. Most school are giving discount to foreign student. Most school had their own canteen and are giving accommodation and transport to many historic places. Days in Italy will never make your stay a dull one. Visit Italy and learn to speak Italian language in Italy.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking up Italian language in Italy is one of my dream

Taking up Italian language in Italy is one of my dream when I was in High school. There are many good school in Italy offering Italian language courses and Italy are also famous for its food which you enroll in the food programs. Italy is famous for its culture, scenery where most of the places in Italy are located near the beaches and hills. The food and the preparation and the design of the food are worth learning and enjoy eating. If you are coffee or wine drinker Italy is the right choice for taking up Italian language courses or a vacation in Italy.

When in Italy you will never finish learning the history of Italy and so many historial places to visits. The culture of the people from one state to another of Italy might not be the same. The courses can be vary from a month to a year or more. Before enrolling in the school check the facilities and the programs the school offer. The accomotation, transports and the cost of the course. Most important did the school arranged for you to stay in a Italian family which will help you to master the language and the culture of the people.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ways to learn italian language in Italy

There are many ways to learned and speak others country language in your country. You can take up courses of the language in a school by the said language teacher, or learned by reading books and tapes or thought internet online but this style of learning their language is very slow and their speaking is not very accurate. The best ways to learned their language is to study in their country.

The beautiful language to learn and speak is Italian language and do it, is to enroll yourself in a good school in Italy. There are many good and famous school in Italy which teaches good Italian language in Italy. You can check it thought internet online or magazine or friends and relatives who had taken Italian language courses in Italy or the Italian consulate.

Before you enroll in the school check the facilities the school offer to the foreign student. The cost of its full courses, did the school provide accommodation and transport and arranged you to stay with a Italian family as this ways will help you to speak their language faster and to learned their culture. Did the school provide food or canteen where you can purchase your food at a very reasonable price.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get imformation before you take Italian course in Italy

Italian language is a beautiful and a nice language to learned and talked, besides Italy are famous for its arts and culture and if you are interesting in soccer you can watch your favourite stars playing. Soccer are their favourite sports which are play almost a calender years. There are many good schools in Italy offering many course programs to its news student. Besides the Italian language in Italy, you can study others courses which most schools provided. Such as cooking course which Italy are famous for its food and wine or Italian History or art history courses.

If you decided to take up Italian course in Italy, It is best to get as many imformation about the school. The question that you want to know, how much is the fees that is going to charge, Is the school provided accommotation and transport or even foods for the forgein. The school facilities and their school programs. It is best to check from the website. internet online or even throught friends who had study in Italy before.


Friday, October 26, 2007

My dream of learning italian language in Italy

Italy is one of a best place to consider a holiday vacation for yourself and your family because Italy is famous and rich for its culture and Italy had many history stories to tell about it past. Besides Italy are famous for its art and its opera singing. When I was in the secondary school in Malaysia my dream is to study in Italy as I love the culture of Italy and their language.

When I left high school in my country I enrol myself in a school in rome. The facilities and the equipments used by the school was of high standard. The school provides accommotation and transport to culture area. After two years in the school, the school recommended us to stay with a Italian family so that we can learn and speak their Italian language in Italy faster. With the Italian family I learn alots from them, their culture and the Italian foods which I am still cooking for my family weekends.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Italian language away from home

I am now operating a small restaurant selling most Italian food along the beach side where most tourist will visits. My business was quite good where most of the Itialian tourist will partonised my place. I most poperly will be talking Italian language to the Italian customber as I learned the language seven years back when I was taking up Italian language in Italy.

During that time in Italy I master their language while staying two years with a Italian family, learning their culture and most of all the Italian crusine which I love the most. In Italy I was enrol in a Italian college taking up food and beverage course and hotel managements in Rome. Even today I still traveller back to Italy to meet my forster parents which I stay in their place and all the old friends. After the course I came back to my home place and take a job in a five star hotel but I find it as a waste and want to open my own business with the Italian foods I learned from Italy. This is how I open my twenty tables restaurant and best Itailan wine served.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Advantages of learning Italian language in Italy

Italian universities provided a full learning experience to its student and also approaches the needs in a different manner such as accommodation to student in apartment which is share by two student. Transportation to places of learning, and arranging to stay with a Italian family and also the school facilities. Italy is very famous for its food, the rich culture of its country and also well known of its ancients and historay area and also not to forget the beautiful beaches, the friendiness of the people and also its beautiful and clean city.

Italian universities study programs offer degrees and diplomas and the duration of the courses is one or more years depending on the subject and courses you enroll. Students can also enroll in courses relating to business, photography, literature, hotel and management, arts or even Italian language and many more. Most of the universities courses are taught in English. Students who are not acquainted with Italian language can take advantage of learning Italian language. Many universities train students to speak this language fluently.

People will only spoke the Italian language around you. This will encourage and give you more advantagesto master the language faster. It is particularly important when you become friends with Italian locals, as you will have a better chance of integrating in a group if you understand the subtle nuances of the language. Besides staying with Italian family will give you faster in learning the Italian Language in Italy and the difference culture of Italy